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Sports trainer

What is a Sports Trainer?

A sports trainer has an important job within a sporting team. It is often a requirement of the sport that a qualified sports trainer is present with a team to treat and aid in preventing injuries. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is a Sports Trainer? If you have ever wondered what the individuals in Fluro shirts who run […]

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The Importance of Stretching

Stretching should be a regular part of an athletes training program, the benefits of stretching throughout training can optimise an individual’s performance ability. There are different types of stretching and each has a different purpose and different benefits. When the right type of stretching is done at the right time, the positive effects can be

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All you need to know about sports Massage

Sports massage is an immensely popular service used by athlete’s pre-performance, post-performance and during sporting events. It can aid in rehabilitation and decrease the pain and tightness often felt after exercising. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is sports massage? Sports massage is a technique of massage that is specifically designed to aid in sports and sports injuries. It

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K-tape or Rigid Tape – What is best?

Kinesiology tape and Rigid tape have vastly different functions, and both can aid an athlete in many different ways if used correctly. Always check with a professional about any injuries or concerns you have. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kinesiology Tape (K-Tape) – Many athletes wear it as a fashion statement, as they come in many patterns and colours,

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