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Driven by a passion for providing quality first aid in sporting situations as well as bettering the performance of athletes, Complete Body Dynamics began in 2002 as a remedial massage clinic in Western Sydney. After 10 years in operation, a further clinic was opened in Blaxland to expand our service ability. Our clinics offered clients injury rehab, fitness maintenance and massage services to aid in bettering the lives of individuals.

In 2020, The business changed ownership and the importance of sports first aid and training became the prime motivation of Complete Body Dynamics. After working alongside Michael since 2015, Rose Mercieca developed a passion for sports first aid. While completing her degree in sports science she realised the importance of optimising the sporting performance of young (and not so young) athletes.

With experience across multiple sporting codes through her work with Complete Body Dynamics, the Paramatta Eels (NRL), Greater Western Sydney Giants (AFL) and her interest in the local sports of her community and family, she has gained invaluable insight in almost any sport you can think of.

Her drive and passion for sports training has allowed her to further her career and knowledge while working as the head trainer for the international Maltese Rugby League Team.

Rose’s determination to provide quality service to a wide variety of sports and school teams encourages the Complete Body Dynamics team to provide the best service we can.

Our mission is to provide quality first aid services to the teams and individuals we work with. Our commitment is to provide you with tailor-made services to better your students and players performance – using one of more of our services:

We have many more services coming soon!

Whether you are a sports team with a need for a sports trainer or a school that needs a first aider at their next carnival, let the team at Complete Body Dynamics help you treat your players and students to ensure they are always at their peak performance.

Supporting and caring for the community is our number one priority, so please email us at [email protected]  and let us know how we can help you.

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