Ultimate Recovery Pack

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The Pro Recovery Pack features 15 high quality products, handpicked to ensure you can decrease the recovery rate, pain, and discomfort post-exercise! This is the ULTIMATE pack for individuals striving to increase their athletic performance and reduce prevalence of injury.

This pack is recommended for individuals who exercise frequently at moderate to strenuous intensity and those who frequently need treatment to aid in recovery and musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. This pack comes with instructions and example exercises to use the products.

Products Included:

  • 1x Light Resistance Band
  • 1x Medium Resistance Band
  • 1x Hard Resistance Band
  • 1x X-Hard Resistance Band
  • 1x XX-Hard Resistance Band
  • 1x Trigger Point Ball
  • 1x Spikey Ball
  • 1x Physio Knuckle
  • 1x Light Resistance Loop Band
  • 1x Medium Resistance Loop Band
  • 1x Hard Resistance Loop Band
  • 1x X-Hard Resistance Loop Band
  • 1x Short Foam Roller (Black)
  • 1x In Motion ProCream
  • 1x Ice/Heat Pack

The colour you pick applies to the Trigger Point Ball, Spiky Ball and Physio Knuckle.


Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Black


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