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The Effects Of Sleep On Athletic Performance

Athletes work extremely hard to perfect their chosen sport, but small factors such as diet and sleep can have a big impact on an athlete’s ability to optimize their performance. Orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, David Geier, states that “getting enough sleep is crucial for athletic performance” and expresses that many studies have concluded …

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The Importance of Stretching

Stretching should be a regular part of an athletes training program, the benefits of stretching throughout training can optimise an individual’s performance ability. There are different types of stretching and each has a different purpose and different benefits. When the right type of stretching is done at the right time, the positive effects can be …

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All you need to know about sports Massage

Sports massage is an immensely popular service used by athlete’s pre-performance, post-performance and during sporting events. It can aid in rehabilitation and decrease the pain and tightness often felt after exercising. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is sports massage? Sports massage is a technique of massage that is specifically designed to aid in sports and sports injuries. It …

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